PurePlay Leads Legal Poker Sites


PurePlay Leads Legal Poker Sites

April 10, 2016 Gambling News 0

PurePlay is the largest legal US play-for-cash online poker site and had today announced record growth in 2008 despite the global economic crisis. Pureplay’s 1.7 million players doubled last year which now makes it 10 times the size of its closest competitor.

PurePlay CEO Jason Kellerman said, “Our membership base remains unmatched among legal US play for cash poker sites. Our growth in 2008 validates our business model, play poker with a zero risk of losing money. We believe our approach is geared for success at any time, but never more than now in today’s economy where ‘thrift’, ‘value’ and ‘risk-free’ are watchwords in every household.”

Gilbert Geraci from New Jersey, a recent winner of one of PurePlay’s World Series of Poker tournaments and winner of a free seat at the WSOP Main Event in Las Vegas said, “Playing on PurePlay is easy, fun and safe. It’s also a great business proposition, with an unbeatable return-on-investment – potentially millions with no chance, whatsoever of my loosing any money when I play at the WSOP tournament in Vegas.”

PuePlay enables players to compete for cash without putting any of their own money on the table. The site is the fastest growing legal online cash poker destination.

During a turbulent economic year PurePlay has survived and seen the passing of Zosoz, Fleet Street games and Duplicate Poker. These online subscription sites have all had to close due to the economic pressure put under them however PurePlay has managed to survive and become the most successful US online poker site on the web.

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