Playing the Caribbean Poker Online


The Caribbean poker game is a form of stud poker game. Like all poker games the idea is to make a hand which is the highest. The difference is in the fact that the player competes against the house or the dealer. If the player’s hand is higher than that of the dealer, the player wins. This makes the game fast, since the players don’t have to wait for other players to bet or fold individually. The online form of this game makes it even faster and easier to play; thereby fast bucks are made at both ends.

With the increasing popularity of poker, the casinos developed a game where the players play against the house and not against each other. This form of poker is called as Caribbean poker. This poker game is quite similar to the 5 stud poker game.

The online version of this game is quite popular and offers progressive jackpots, along with some variations in the game played. The Caribbean poker essentially involves the cards being dealt to the players face down. In this game the players have to place their ante before the cards are dealt to them. The players are then dealt with 5 cards each; the dealer also receives the cards however, one of the cards is face up. The players look at their hands and decide whether they want to bet or fold up.

In case the players want to bet, it should be double the initial deposit. The ones who decide to fold loose the ante. Once all the players on the table have decided whether to play the game or fold up, the dealer reveals all the hole cards or the face down cards. Post the dealer revealing the cards, each player compares the card at hand with that of the dealer’s hand, to see if their individual hand is better. In case any player’s hand is higher than the hand of the dealer, that player wins the game.

There are few aspects the one needs to remember while playing the game of Caribbean poker, these are:

The player can play only one hand in one game

Once the dealer exposes his/her cards all cards of the players must remain in full public view at all times.

There should not be any form of communication or exchange between the players

If the dealer does not have an ace or king then the play stops and the ante is returned back to the players, a new game can begin.

The better the hand is, in terms of ranking, the higher the payout will be, however if a player has not called then there would be no winning amount.

The online version of Caribbean poker allows enthusiasts to download the game on their personal computers and practice it at home. This download can be done at no cost. Once the player is confident of playing, one can hit the sites which offer the poker game.

In addition to playing poker, one can interact with many people online. Online poker games thus allow the players luxury of playing the game from virtually anywhere and at any point of time. Should one need help there is always online support available.