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How To Play Roulette Strategies

Roulette can be a very exciting game; however it is not the most profitable. We are going to be looking at some Roulette strategies how to play them, but we also want to caution you. Roulette is a game of chance based on one marble 36 different numbers. Roulette strategy is more about understing how the game is played the bets you can make than it is about an actual strategy. In other words with poker you have tells, bluffs, strategy that could get you the win. In Roulette no matter what you do the game is still novoline online chance. You can’t tell 100 percent of the time or even 1 percent of the time where the ball will hit. The wheel is rom. The first thing in Roulette strategy is to know the game you are playing. There are two variations of Roulette: American European. The European wheel has one less space, therefore only 37 numbers. The American wheel has a zero a double zero offering 38 numbers. The first strategy applied to Roulette was called the Martingale betting system. In this strategy the player is supposed to double the bet after every loss, bet less after the win. The idea is for the player to make up what they have lost when they win. Unfortunately there is a false thinking in this. If you place a bet for 1 pound, lose, the next time you bet 2 pounds, lose, then you bet 4 pounds lose. Before you win you are probably going to be out of money or run into the casino table limit. Either way you can’t recoup your losses with this strategy. Next there was the prediction strategy. In this strategy the player tries to write down the numbers that have been seen in the last turns since they began at the table. By looking at the numbers that come up a prediction will be made as to what comes next. Unfortunately the wheel is rom. You can’t predict where the ball will l next. The marble is also changed out every few hours to ensure it is in good condition to avoid patterns. Computer programme simulations have been set up to establish a winning strategy all of these methods fail. For Roulette strategy it is about the bet you place. You want to stay on the outside grid of the table. You can place a 1:1 bet on black, red, even or odd. You could even bet black odd or even. So if you place two bets you break even if you wins. For example you bet on black even. The number that appears is a black 3. You win both bets. However, if the number was a black 4 you break even. The outer bets play more numbers therefore you have a higher probability of winning than losing. Whereas if you play the inner bets only bet on one to four numbers you have a lower probability of winning. It is all about the probability of a number coming up, rather than prediction or increasing the amount you bet on a loss.


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